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Have you ever tried to study about Jesus but wish you could ask the author directly?

What if you could study Jesus’ life in a more interactive way that would allow you to engage with not just The Bible, but also the author of the study?

Sometimes you come across material that might be either very academic and goes over your head, or it might be unclear what the creator of the study was trying to convey.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could not only learn about Jesus in an open discussion with the author and even others?

Welcome to the first eStudy on the Gospel of Mark!

This is a look into Jesus’ life and humanity in a modern way of accessing the author of the study, and also being able to share with others what you have learned as they share with you!

What makes this different from another study?

I will be honest in that the content will be pretty similar to what you will find in another study because truth doesn’t change!

These are some of the differences between a regular study and an eStudy:

Regular Study

  • Physical copy that needs to be taken with you that can be cumbersome
  • You don’t have immediate access to the author all the time
  • Might have to spend a little extra for a physical copy so the publisher can cover printing costs
  • When purchasing a physical copy, you either have to go to a brick and mortar or have to wait for shipping.


  • This is downloadable PDF that is transportable on any mobile device.
  • I want to hear from you!  There is a contact address to reach me!
  • I am able to save you money on the product because it is electronic and doesn’t have to spend extra on printing costs!
  • The eStudy is an immediate download!  There is no waiting and you can access it right away!

For the FIRST time, I present to you the Mark eStudy.  A Biblical look at the life and humanity of Jesus Christ.

This will be an engaging study that gives you access to me to ask questions on things you don’t understand and even a pray for you should you request it!  This is a challenging look at how Jesus lived as a human during His time on Earth, by presenting reflection questions for you to work through and some other references to help you give you an in-depth look at the topics at hand.

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Thank you for getting your copy of the first ever eStudy on The Book of Mark!  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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